Fit Club:

If you’re looking for personal training at a reasonable price, the answer is here! This month long program is designed for you and a small group of those with similar fitness levels to create a competitive and motivating atmosphere at a discounted rate. Fit Club will test your limits and give you every tool needed for success! Call for details


True fitness has always been about being as well rounded as possible. Stamina, strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance, etc are all physical traits of the truly fit. Using your body weight, kettle bells, Dynamax balls, and other archaic implements, you will be performing the same moves as the fittest human beings in the world! NOW is the time for preparing yourself to be BETTER equipped to not only face ANY obstacle, but CONQUER it! This is NOT a short term “program”. Life doesn’t stop in 4 weeks and neither do we. We’re not just shaping your body, we’re helping you BUILD a BETTER you! Call NOW for details.

One on One Training:

Personal Training is exactly what the name implies, that

is PERSONAL one on one fitness training which includes

the following:

Individualized Program
Nutritional Guidance
Body Composition Measurements (if requested)
Strength Camp (ages 17+):

This is a month long program dedicated to helping young athletes and fitness enthusiasts pack on muscle and develop crazy strength!

Next Level Training (ages 10-14):

This program is for helping young athletes develop the skills to excel in sports at the Jr High/ High School level and beyond.

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