Free Consultation and Initial Assessment

Why get a fitness consultation first? Because your personal program matters to us. At All Day Training we take pride in giving each individual the personalized training plan that meets their specific goals, fitness level and safety requirements. This is what separates quality personal/ group training program design from the “one size fits all” training protocols many gyms follow with new trainees.

To maximize your training experience here, we start by filling out a brief questionnaire with you. This includes your goals, fitness level, limitations, past injuries,medical conditions,daily habits,weekly schedule and body composition (if requested). Each questionnaire is usually followed by a 15-20 minute movement assessment, so bring comfortable workout clothes. And did we mention this is absolutely FREE when you sign up? Call or email us for an appointment when you’re ready.

Initial Assessment includes:
  • Medical Questionnaire
  • Goals Assessment
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Exercise History Questionnaire
  • Body Measurements (arms, waist, and thigh)

What are you waiting for? Ready to get started?