My journey in fitness started at 14 years old playing sports. My dad bought me a weight set and I was hooked. Though, I struggled in competing with peers due to my skinny frame. At 6’1 and 155 pounds, I lacked the confidence, size, and athleticism to excel on the field. By the time I turned 18, sports had become a distant memory and my life choices off the field were leading me down a path to self destruction. Somehow, I came through unscathed and at 20, I had survived hardships which forced me to grow up fast. I began searching for my life’s calling, but didn’t find many answers. I finally realized that one thing had remained constant through all of my experiences, and that was my passion for exercise. This epiphany drove me to enroll in college and later earn my Personal Fitness Trainer certification through The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Tx. I also became a Crossfit L-1 Coach. Over the last several years I’ve devoted my life to making clients and athletes as fit as possible. I am currently preparing to graduate from Texas State University with a BS in Exercise and Sport Science and a Minor in Communication Studies. Weight loss and muscle gain are my specialty, but I’ve trained clients in post rehab, sport, and other special populations. Whether your goal is losing body fat, gaining massive muscle, or creating a healthy lifestyle, I have the tools to help you succeed.


taylorTaylor Mayers-CPT/ Owner